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The Easter Event in 2019 involved an egg hunt (titled "Easter Eggvent") in the Designer Boutique featured homestores. Players searched for eggs in the other store games, and received a badge from that game. 1 Egg Hunt Rewards 1.1 Accessory Rewards 1.2 Diamond Rewards 2 Video Location Guides Completing store egg hunts rewarded either an accessory or diamonds in Royale High. The "Easter Egg Hunt ...

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Aug 8, 2020 - Roblox Series 8 Mystery Figure, GhettoMilkMan W/ Virtual Code #Jazwares

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Start a new collection or expand a current one with Roblox Celebrity Series 2 Mystery Collectibles! 1 2.5"-3" Roblox Celebrity Gold Series. Roblox Toys & Virtual Codes. 1 Purple cube containing the selected character with the letter R, O, B, L, or X on the exterior.

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